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    BaoJi Fenghuo Nuoxin technology Co., Ltd.is one of the subsidiary company of Shaanxi Fenghuo Communications Group Co.,Ltd, which is a limited liability company with independent legal person. The registered capitals of the company are 8.5 million Yuan. There are 45 people of the speciality engineer. Among them, more than 20 people have the intermediate and the senior title. The company sets up the“the technology center of the company ”.The center was named as the company technology center of the Baoji High and New Technology Industrial Development Zone. It owns a very excellent research team of the antenna. The research team includes more than 10 people of the doctor degree and the master degree in the microwave, the communication, and the mechanics majore. Several people were judged as the“scientific leading personnel” and “the scientific top-notch talents” in Baoji; it together with the Xi’an university of electron technology builds “ the unit research center of the antenna” which devotes on the new technology research of the antenna; it is the high and new technology company of the Shaanxi province, and the innovative company in Baoji; the company masters the core technology of the major products and owns several independent patents technology which include 14 invention patents and 17 practical new type patents; it undertakes several innovative items of the country technology. They include: the country high technology industrialization items of the satellite application, the tackle key problems item of the province industry technology, the item of province 13115, the plane of torch, and the item of 6333 and so on. In 2003, the company passed the ISO9001 :2000 and the quality managing system certification of GJB/9001A-2001. In 2011, it passed the the quality system renewing certification of GJB/9001B-2009. It is the antenna research and the produce core unit of the General staff and the General.

Armament Department. 
   The main products of the company are the backpack, the vehicle-borne, the piggyback antenna, the big dipper antenna,the satellite antenna and so on. The frequency range is from 1.6 MHz to 40 GHz; it can do the antennna placement simulation analysis and the project designment for the vehicle, the plane, and the naval. The company also can do the placement analysis and the design for the self adaptation zero setting antennna. In this way,it can provide the complete radio frequency and the resolvent of the antenna feeder system to the customer;it can develop the special,customized antenna products to the customer; there are“the microwave dark room and the antenna far field testing system”and “the antenna far field testing system of the HF and the VHF”. They can be used in testing the indexes of the company antenna products directed graph and the gain. Besides, it can provide the testing service to the customer. It also has the prognosis of the selected device, the digital jump wave device, the low noise amplifier, the electrically tunable filter, the voltage controlled oscillator, the magnetism device and so on.
The company adheres to the Fenghuo spirits of the new period, persisting in the enterprise spirit of “Be honest forever”. The company will develop and provide the high quality communication terminal products to the customers. It will set up the famous brand of Fenghuo antenna.

Baoji Fenghuo Nuoxin Technology Co., Ltd
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