Painting dressing electron

  Baoji Fenghuo painting dressing electron technology Co., Ltd is the subsidiary company of Fenghuo Group. There are about 80 staffs in the company. Among them, 8 staffs have the intermediate and the senior job title. Two staffs are the worker technicians. Two staffs are the assistant technicians. Above 80% staffs who engage in the production operation have over 15 years of working experiences. The high quality staffs together with the excellent and the complete producing equipments ensure us have a reliable products quality. We will deliver the goods faster.

We mainly operate the following products:
● The design develop and the production of the military light panels
●  The preprocessing of the surface for different materials of metal and nonmetal(sand blasting, shot blasting, oxidation, coarsening)
● The sand blasting and dusting of the surface for different metal and nonmetal
●The processing of the printed board
●The design and the fabrication for the different metal name plate
● The lettering of laser, the finishing impression of the metal and nonmetal parts
●impregnation processing
● The printing of the plane silk screen for different materials surface
Baoji Fenghuo painting dressing electron technology Co., Ltd is the member of the group quality managing system, the producing permission of the war industry products, and the first class secret human quality system of the war industry products. The light panle is the key developing program of the company. By the efforts of many years, the company has owned the design, develop, processing, and experiment system for the complete light panels and their extending products. The company can design and process acrooding to the different customer’s requests. 

The applying range of the products:
The panel and the panel of controlling unit in the system of the air force, the navy, the army aviation, and the fire control.
Ⅰ、The technology characters of the products:
The characters of the self glow and the high integrated
The variety of the products:
1、Divide the products according to the material :
  The structure of the aviation organic glass
    The frame structure of the aluminium
2、Divide the products acrooding to the function:
The light panel
The button controlled light panel
The light panel with the function of electromagnetism shield
3、Divide the products acrooding to the color of the light panels:
The glow light panels
The white light panels
The blue- white light panels
The green A light light panels (night vision compatible)
Ⅱ、 The executing standard of the products
GJB  1394-1992   The inside of plane lighting technology requests compatible with the night vision imagine system
GJB 455-1988      The basic technology requests of the plane cockpit lighting and the testing methods
HB  5863-1984     The plane cockpit lighting and the general technology requests of the displaying light panels
Q/LW906-2005      The paint coating technology condition of the military products surface
Ⅲ、The technology parameter of the products :
1、The structure of the light panels
The links of the part installation on the light panels and the control box are the cochlearis links. The lamp-house of the light panels uses the buried type structure. The lamp-house should be the light-emitting diode.
The light panels should be the white displaying mark, the black  (grey, army green) background; the grade of the appearance precision is above the requests of the Ⅱin Q/LW906-2005.
3、Fitness of the environment
After the routine test, the temperature shock test, and the reliability experiment with the complete machine, the coat will not be cracked. There will not be the apparent blister and so on (except the human factor). The all kinds of the elements will not be damaged. The light panels can work normally.
The humidity resistance function of the coat      The temperature is 30℃~60℃;the humidity is 85%~95%; the time are 72 hours. After the experiment, there will not be the apparent blister, the discolor and so on.
The transformation of the high temperature resistant   The condition of the experiment is: the high temperature is 70℃; the low temperature is -55℃; the maintaining time between the high temperature and the low temperature will be 30 min, the converting time from the high temperature to the low temperature will not be larger than 5 min, the total cycle will be 6 times. After the experiment, there will not be the crcking and the wearoff in the coat.
4、The size of the outline
According to the requests of the blue print
Deduce the linker type from the light panels. The linker type together with the matching of the complete machine suits the requests of the complete machine.
6、The guided optical:
Uniformity  The buried type uniformity will not be over 10:1
Contrast     Sign the black background for white: C≧12
               Sign the gray background for white: C≧7
Signing brightness 1.5~6 cd/㎡
Index of the diffuse reflection  gray ≤0.35; black≦0.1
Shining color (the below table)
Backlight color   standard index (CIE1931 chroma coordinate)
Glow y≦0.306, z≦0.001
White light 0.540>x>0.480,|y0-y|<0.010
Blue-white 0.460>x>0.420, 0.425>y>0.385
Green A light 0.125≦x≦0.28, 0.45≦y≦0.73
7、The requests of ensuring the quality:
Assure the requests
The assuring times are two years. The end product in the circulating time of the factory (since the light panels have been accepted), the manufacturing unit should ensure to exclude all kinds of troubles (unpaid repair or replace) in the assuring time.
The requests of life
The storing time are three years, the total lives are five years.

The full name of the company:  Baoji Fenghuo painting dressing electron technology Co., Ltd
Address: No.72 Qing Jiang Road, Baoji, Shaanxi
Post code: 721006
Telephone: 0917-3958316 3958478  3958275  3958936
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