The real estate company

      The new Fenghuo real estate developing company of the Baoji city is the subsidiary company of the Shaanxi Fenghuo Communications Group Co., Ltd. It lies in No.22, Chuanshaan Road, Baoji City. The company was set up in July of 1998.From now on, the enrolling capital of the New Fenghuo real estate developing company are 59.38 million Yuan. It owns the developing human quality of the two stage real estate. It is the bigger size of the real estate developing company and the property service company in Baoji city. The tenet of the company is “war industry quality, business integrity”. Take “high quality, high environment, high culture, high technology, and high service” as the developing policy. Everything will start off from the owner’s long benefits. Stick to the promise and set the new picture of the large developer of the state-run company.
The company owns a managing system which takes the management of the real estate as the core and the market as the Lead. The system will be flexible, rapid, and perfect. It owns a professional manage troop and a high quality profession technology troop about more than 90 people. There are 40 people of the intermediate and the senior technology in the company. The stuffs who have the university education take 60﹪ of the total stuffs in the whole company. Now, it has developed and built the working and the residence projects about 400,000㎡.
Since the foundation of the New Fenghuo real estate developing company, it always adheres to the managing idea of “honest oriented, quality first”. Depending on the steady supporter, the rich technology, and the rich fund, it has built the large green ecological garden Shenghuayuan subzone in Baoji National High and New Technology Development Zone. The high taste subzone take up about 180 mu which are convenient to live.In Xi’an High and New Development Zone, it invested and developed a research building which is high technology and high standard. In Beijing Zhongguancun, it built the Beijing Rongshangju high level commercial residential building which is rich in high technology. In the confluent of the Weihe and the Qingjiang River, it developed and built the water bank beautiful garden and the Water bank international construction project which took up about 286 mu.They are the largest investment and the potential projects in the company in recent years. They not only upgrade the human environment of Baoji, but also will be the symbol of the city. The water bank beautiful garden project is affirmed and sustained by the leaders of the city party committee and the city government.
   The new Fenghuo real estate company pays much attention to the society welfare and the charity career. After the Wenchuan earthquake, the Yushu earthquake, and another largest disaster, it donated money and goods to the disaster area. At the same time, it also pays attention to the education career in the poverty area of Baoji western mountainous district. It donates 100,000 Yuan to build the teaching building of the Sanquan primary school in the town of Xiangquan. In the movements of “Liang Lian Yi Bao”and “Thousand companies and thousand villages”, the company also devotes great efforts and spends much money. In this way, it makes certain contribution to the construction and the development of the mountainous area.
   With the development of the company, it obtains better economic benefits; it realizes the profit payments and the tax turnover as the following: 2,110,000 in 2005; 7,140,000 in 2006; 12,550,000 in 2007; 32,930,000 in 2008; 42,110,000 in 2009; 39,470,000 in 2010. The summary payments and the tax turnover are 137,850,000 Yuan.
   Through several years of hard working, under the hard working of the total stuffs, depending on the managing idea of good faith oriented and quality first, the New Fenghuo real estate developing company grows rapidly. The developing level is improved step by step. The market range extends year after year. The credit standing has been set firmly. It has been a influencing fresh troops in the developing field of the real estate in Baoji city.
Address: No.22 Chuan Shan Road, Baoji.
Telephone: 0917-3620066