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     Shaanxi Fenghuo Baihong photoelectric science and technology Co., Ltd is based on the “Xi’an national semiconductor lighting industrial park project”The program is conducted by Shaanxi electronic information group in October of 2008. It consists of four parts. The Shaanxi electronic information group Co., Ltd takes 14℅. The Shaanxi Fenghuo Communications Group Co., Ltd takes 60℅. The Guangzhou Baihong Hongcai electron Ltd takes 13℅. The Guangzhou Fanyu Huading South Kechuang Ltd takes 13℅. It is the semiconductor lighting system integration company which is controlled by the Fenghuo Communications Group.

On the base of inheriting the war industry characters and the technology of Shaanxi Fenghuo Communications Group Co., Ltd, it masters the new applying technology of the high power LED street lamp and the tunnel lamp. It increases the research of the new products and the devotion of the key technology. Now, there are 25 technical stuffs in the department of manufacturing. Among them, 5 stuffs are the senior technique stuffs. 5 stuffs are the line design stuffs. 15 stuffs are the structure design stuffs.5 stuffs are the optics design stuffs. In the field of semiconductor lighting technology, it manufactures with the Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics, Northwestern polytechnical university. It masters the technology of the secondary light distribution, the technology of radiating, and the technology of constant circuit power supply. The light effect of the whole light breaks the 110lm/W. It obtains 8 patents of the practical new type and the appreance. It pushes out several energy- saving type LED street lamps, the tunnel lamps. It pushes the industrialization process of the new products. The lighting series products are: the high power LED street lamps, the tunnel lamps, the indoor lighting lamps, the landscape lights of the solar energy, the lamp of court and the electrical source of the switch and so on.

The orientation of the company products fit for the revitalizing industry policy of the country. It obtains 10 million Yuan from the state national development and reform commission, and 4.8 million Yuan subsidization fund from Xi’an science and technology Bureau. It invested 16 million Yuan to carry out the technical renovation measures. It has the capital account 13 million Yuan. There are 160 sets instrument equipments which are used in producing, manufacturing, and testing. It has the producing manufacturing ability of the whole electron products. It has got a LED lamp light producing line of 100,000 about 2000 ㎡. The testing equipments are complete. From now on, the producing lines which can produce 300,000 calices of energy conservation and environmental protection LED street lamps and the relative products are being built.

The company pays attention to the construction of the ability. It has passed the quality control system certification of GB/T19001—2008(idtISO9001:2008),ISO/TS16949:2002, the war industry products quality system certification of GJB9001A—2001,and the green environment managing system certification of GB/T24001—2004(idt ISO14001—2004); the LED street lamps and the tunnel lights have passed the examination of the country electric light source quality supervision and inspection center; it has obtained the profession contract third class aptitude of the city and the road lighting project; it has received the title of “new and high-tech enterprise of Shaanxi Province”; it has passed the certification of the transportation products and has received the certification of CCPC;it has received the license of safety in production, number: (Shaan) JZ the license of  installation 【2010】010319;it has won the Xi’an promote energy-efficient semiconductor lighting (LED) product demonstration project enterprise registration certificate; it has won the military  logistics net unit qualification of the general logistics department of PLA ;it has won eight items of patents for utility model and appearance ; it participates in drafting DB61/T488-2010Shaanxi《Local standard of road lighting LED lights》;it participates in drafting Shaanxi 《Highway tunnel lighting LED lamps general  technical condition》; the item of the electrical source has passed the authentication of Shaanxi province scientific and technological achievements; it is the strategic cooperative partner of GE.

    Through one base and the construction of three centers, it means the producing base of the LED street lamp, the tunnel lights, and the commercial lights; the research and development center of semiconductor illumination; the testing center; the selling center of the market. Shaanxi Fenghuo Baihong photoelectric science and technology Co., Ltd will be the largest and the topping company of LED semiconductor illumination application solutions provider, the semiconductor illumination products integrators and the manufacture of the core products in northwest. By entering the capital market, it comes into the market.

By building the selling market, it has set up more than 20 agencies in northwest,northeast,Northchina,HongKong,Canada,Japan,Slovenia,Germ-any, Hungary, Czech, Australia. In this way, Fenghuo illumination products radiate everywhere, walk out the country, and earn foreign exchange through exports.

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