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  • 01-272009

    In 2009, the listing scheme of Shaanxi FiberHome Communication Group restructuring Changling shares passed the audit of China Securities Regulatory Commission, and achieved the goal of go public.


  • 01-272007

    Shaanxi Electronic Information Group was founded in 2007. And Shaanxi FiberHome communication Group became its subsidiary.


  • 01-272003

    In 2003, Shaanxi FiberHome Communication Group Co., LTD., the second times first session workers and staff congress was held ceremoniously. The assembly adopted enterprise development program and preliminarily identified enterprise development strategy as: Strengthen the military production; Enliven civilian goods; Built two scientific research and production base of communication and electro acoustic. Meanwhile the congress agreed to made “Unity, Hard, Credit by sincerity, Realistic and Innovative, Striving for the best as the spirit of enterprise in the new period.


  • 01-272001

    In 2001, Shaanxi FiberHome Communication Group Co., LTD., was founded, and the first shareholders meeting is held ceremoniously. The assembly adopted ”Articles of Association”, voted the first board of directors and supervisory board members by shareholders.


  • 01-271993

    In 1993, Shaanxi Province Structural Reforms Commission released the document of“ The approval of establishment of Shaanxi FiberHome Group ”, and agreed to set up Shaanxi FiberHome Group, Co., LTD., The core enterprise called Shaanxi FiberHome Group Co., LTD. Which subordinate State-owned FiberHome Radio Factory.


  • 01-271986

    In 1986, The ministry of electronic industry and Shaanxi province people’s government jointly issued “Notification of Reform of Electronic Industry in Shaanxi Enterprises Management System”: 769 factory belongs to Shaanxi province, and affiliated to electronic industry.


  • 01-271883

    In 1983, electronics department (83), No.2048 electrical meter word noticed that the factory renamed from “State-owned FiberHome Machinery Factory” to “State-owned FiberHome Radio Factory”.


  • 01-271965

    In 1965, Fourth machine department (65) Fourth office word No.1173, informed the second factory renamed”State-owned FiberHome Machinery Factory.


  • 01-271963

    In 1963, issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council, Radio Industry department was established, said the fourth machinery industry and then 769 factory came under it.


  • 01-271959

    In 1959, approved by the first machinery industry department bureau, the second factory of 769 factory named as ”State-owned Baoji Radio Factory.


  • 01-271949

    After the founding of new China in 1949, construction of the motherland industrial  development are the priority goal during the first five-year. After the determines of 156 key construction projects, The new China decided to construct of the key supporting projects. As airborne station manufacturer of new China, the state-owned 769 factory was come into being.