The technology of ShengTian

      The electron technology Co, Ltd of Shaanxi Fenghuo ShengTian is transformed from the division of the Shaanxi Fenghuo Communications Group Co., Ltd. It mainly undertakes the research and the manufacture of the high voltage transmission and distribution equipments. It manufactured the high voltage circuit breaker and the operating machine of the CT19 type series, ZN63A-12type series, and ZN85-40.5type series. Recently, it manufactures the outdooor permanent magnetism machine of  ZW33-12type, ZW32-12type.The permanent magnetism machine of the in doors fits for the synchroswitch permanent magnetism machine of 40.5kV. Especially the new type enclosed breaker of the permanent magnetism (ZN□-12P/M1250-31.5 type) has finished the test of the complete set in the Xi’an high voltage electric appliance research institute successfully. The breaker which is manufactured in this year obtains the qualify test certification.
   The company owns two items of the breaker assembly line and one item of the permanent magnetism machine assembly line. It can produce more than 3000 sets of the different breaker and the operating machine. It has the advanced manufacture and the processing equipment. It owns several import NC machine tool. For example, the NC guillotine shears, the NC fluid pressure bender, the NC turret punching and the NC processing center and so on. The testing means of the company are very perfect. From the manufacture of the part to the installation, from the debugging of the complete machine to ex store, the company suits the accurate testing instruments and the complete process route.
   The company adheres to the quality oriented and the customer first. In the process of researching and manufacturing the electric power transmission and the distribution equipments, the company will fully exert the advantage of the war industry enterprise. The production will be done according to the requirements of the war industry products. The products will achieve the “choice consumer goods project”requirements of the Communications Group.
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